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English recipes,
recipes prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

  1. English Stew
  2. Salmon with Cucumber Sauce



English Stew, a recipe from England prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

English Stew (English stew) with rice and peas.

This stew is a delicious English winter dish.
For the beer I have used a Leffe Brown Double.
The preparation is quite simple.

Main course.

Preparation time: 2 hours.
Serves: 4.
Technique: braising.


500 grams pork poulet,
300 grams leeks,
1 teaspoon candied lemon zest,
0.3 liters dark beer,
2 tablespoons fresh parsley,
1 teaspoon thyme,
1 bay leaf,
0.5 teaspoon Tabasco sauce,
75 grams of mushrooms,
25 grams real butter,
25 grams flour,
4-season pepper,


Mix the 4-season pepper and the salt with the flour.
Toss the pork poulet through the flour.

Slice the leek into thin rings.

Heat the butter in a heavy pan on a moderate flame and cook the leeks a few minutes.

Add meat and let it simmer for 5 minutes, stir everything slowly together.

Slice the mushrooms and chop the parsley.

Add beer, Tabasco sauce, candied lemon zest, mushrooms and herbs.
Bring to the boil and let it in a closed pot on the stove braise for 1.5 hours.
Stir frequently.

If necessary, bring it to taste with salt and 4-season pepper.

Remove bay leaf before serving.


Serve with mashed potatoes and carrots.


Submitted by: Ron Heere, posted March 2, 2011.
Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.