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This very tasteful Italian salad is another Happy Chief Cook's and J.E. vd Heijden Original.

6 Servings


3 shallots,
1 ball mozzarella,
1 yellow Bell pepper,
2 tomatoes,
6 tablespoons pesto dressing,
1 piece cucumber (6 inch),
2 to 3 leafs of crisphead lettuce,
12 black olives,
2 cloves garlic.


Cut the shallots into thinly sliced rings and the bell pepper and lettuce into strips.
Crush the garlic.

Peel and cut the cucumber lengthwise.
Then, cut both halves into thin, half inch slices.

Crumble the Mozzarella into little pieces.
Now, cut the tomatoes in half and slice thinly.

Combine all the ingredients and pour the pesto dressing over the salad.
Toss well and divide onto the plates.


A Happy Chief Cook & J.E. vd Heijden's original, added December 9, 2008