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An original noodle recipe with spices in the noodles.
A delicious dish to surprise your guests.

Another Happy Chief Cook's Original.

Curry noodels with stir-fried vegetables enough for 2 persons.

Servings: 2.
Preparation time: 2 1/2 hours, including one day resting.

Cooking time:

± 15 minutes.

Ingredients curry noodles:

1 cup wheat flour,
1 tablespoon jawa curry,
2 teaspoons hot curry,
3 teaspoons minced ginger root,
3 teaspoons yellow turmeric,
Sea salt and green herb mixture,
1 tablespoon ginger syrup,
2 large free-range eggs.

Ingredients main course:

1 chicken fillet (7 ounce),
1 red bell pepper,
2 sweet white onions,
7 ounce sugar snap peas,
olive oil or peanut oil,
curry noodles,
1 tablespoon jawa curry,
2 teaspoons yellow turmeric,
2 teaspoons hot curry,
2 teaspoons minced ginger root,
Sea salt and green herb mixture,
Pepper mix orange and garlic,
2 tablespoons ginger syrup,
3 tablespoons rice wine,
1 tablespoon wheat flour,
1 cup water.


1 cup coconut milk,
1 cup whipping cream.

Directions curry noodles:

Mix the wheat flour along with the jawa curry, turmeric, hot curry, minced ginger and sea salt mixture very well

The flour withe the spices and eggForm the mixture into a small pile on a clean even surface.
Then spread, as to form a high ridge on the edges of the mix pile.
Crack the eggs into the center of the pile and add the ginger syrup.

Stir mixture gently with a fork.

When the dough settles in, start kneading it with your hands for approximately 10 minutes until it's nice and smooth.

A ball of curry doughNext, roll a ball, put it in a ziploc and let it rest in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Sprinkle some of the flour onto the even surface and rolling pin.
Take the dough out of the bag and place it onto the surface.

Sprinkle it with some flour, then compress.
Roll out into a thin rectangle and don't forget to dust the top of the dough and pin with flour so your dough won't stick.

*Remember to sprinkle some flour onto the dough before putting it through the pasta maker again

To make it ready for the pasta maker. Process the dough through the pasta maker.

Process the dough through the pasta maker (highest setting).
Repeat the process twice, but put the machine on a lower setting each time.

Try not to make long strips of dough, it's best to cut them in half for easy processing.

Now, twist the large strips into smaller strings, and hang them to stiffen and dry for about an hour on the back of a chair.

The curry noodles are now ready to be processed.

The pasta strings are drying

Directions main course:

Fill a large pan with at least 4 1/2 pints of water and add salt mix to taste.
Pour a small layer of olive oil or peanut oil into the water to prevent the noodles from sticking to one another.

Add the curry noodles to the already hot boiling water and let it continue to boil for about nine minutes.

After about 7 minutes, start checking the noodles to see whether or not they are al dente, if not, they should be so after 9 minutes.
As soon as the curry noodles are ready take them out of the boiling water and rinse them with cold water, until they're cooled down (otherwise they will continue to simmer outside the water).

The curry noodles are now ready to be used for the main course.

The chicken fillet and vegetables.

Cut the bell pepper into 2 inch strips and slice the onion into rings.
Wash the fillet (thawed) with tepid water and dry them with some paper towels.
Subsequently, cut the chicken into small pieces.

Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or peanut oil) into a frying pan and wait for the oil to get hot.
When ready, add the chicken strips and keep stirring until the chicken changes color.

Season the chicken with the salt mix as well as the orange, garlic and pepper mix.
Continue to stir-fry for about a minute.

Next, add all the vegetables at once and let it fry for another minute.

Add the jawa curry, hot curry, grated ginger and finally the yellow turmeric.
Toss several times.
Then pour over the ginger syrup and rice wine.
Shake vigorously and put a lid onto the pan, make sure it's a snug fit.

Let it steam for about two to three minutes on a high temperature.
Take the lid off and check whether or not the sugar snap peas are ready, if not, stir-fry again for a short while.

Add a tablespoon of wheat flour to the dish and stir well.
Then, add about a cup of water to it and keep stirring on high temperature until the sauce thickens.

Take the curry noodles and add them to the vegetables and sauce.
Stir well, and make sure the dish reaches a nice temperature.

When ready, align on a nice platter.

The dish is now ready to serve.


Serving Tip:

Instead of water, you could also use coconut milk or whipping cream.

A Happy Chief Cook's original, added November 24, 2008