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Een heerlijk koud voorgerecht/bijgerecht. Een salade die feestelijk aangekleed is. Een gerecht uit Marokko.

Servings: 4.


9 oz green peas,
1/2 head lettuce,
2 scraped carrots, sliced,
3 1/2 oz string beans,
2 hard boiled quail eggs,
1/2 cucumber,
3 1/2 oz cheddar cheese,
3 1/2 oz cherry tomatoes,
1 oz black olives (pitted),
1 oz green olives (pitted),
2 oz corn kernels.

Ingredients dressing:

1 teaspoon mustard,
1 tablespoon white vinegar,
four seasons pepper,
2 oz sunflower oil.


Boil the peas, carrot slices and the string beans until they're cooked through.

Take the lettuce apart and rinse leafs with cold water and let them drain.

Boil the quail eggs and slice each quail egg into four even parts.

Now peel and cut the cucumber into slices.

Cut the cheddar into small cubes.

Place four cuts (horizontal and vertical) into the tomatoes, but don't cut all the way through.
This way you'll keep their bottoms intact and they will fall open beautifully.

Directions Dressing:

In a medium-sized bowl, mix the mustard, white vinegar, four seasons pepper and salt.
Then, a little at a time, add the sunflower oil to the mixture.
Keep stirring until smooth

Take a large platter and arrange the lettuce leafs onto it, followed by the peas, carrot slices, string beans, cucumber slices, and the cheese as well as the green and black olives, the cherry tomatoes and the small pieces of quail egg.
Finally, sprinkle the corn kernels onto the salad, followed by the dressing.

Serve cold.