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A crown of lamb with honey-thyme sauce served with green beans and potato croquettes.

A crown of lamb with honey-thyme sauce served with green beans and potato croquettes.

Servings: 1 or 2.
Preparation time: ± 40 minutes.

Ingredients lamb crown:

1 lamb rack of about 400 grams,
100 grams real butter,
4-season pepper,
0.5 tablespoon soft honey,
0.5 tablespoon water.

Ingredients Honey-thyme sauce:

25 grams real butter
1 tablespoon soft honey,
4 tablespoons natural vinegar,
4 tablespoons white wine (Burgundy, Chardonnay, Aîné Bouchard & Fils, 2007),
3 to 4 sprigs fresh thyme,
0.38 liters lamb Fund,
50 grams cold real butter.

Directions lamb crown:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Slice the lamb rack between the bones on the flesh side for three quarters.
Tie the two outer bones together.
Sprinkle salt and 4-season pepper on the lamb crown.

Put the butter in the pan and fry the lamb crown on all sides quickly lightbrown.

Remove the lamb crown from the frying pan and pour the moistere from frying pan, into a roasting pan.

Mix the honey and water together and spread it throughout the lamb crown.
Place the lamb crown in the roasting pan and cover the roasting pan with aluminum foil.
Place the roasting pan in the oven and let the lamb crown in 25 minutes time cook.

Directions honey-thyme sauce:

Put the butter in a saucepan and add the honey.
Leave it on high heat to caramelize the honey light brown.

Extinguishing this with the vinegar and white wine.
Reduce the whole to half on a low heat.

Add the thyme and lamb fund and reduce it to one-third on a low heat.
Remove the sauce from the heat and filter it.

Make the sauce hot again and beat it by 50 grams of cold butter.
Keep the sauce warm, but don't bring it to the boil again.


Boil the vegetables in the meantime, and fry the potato croquettes.

Heat the plates.

Place the lamb crown on the preheated plate and remove the string.

Fill the crown lamb with green beans and put the rest behind the lamb crown.
Place on both sides of the lamb crown the potato croquettes.
Pour several tablespoons of honey-thyme sauce around the lamb crown.


A Happy Chief Cook's original. Added December 26, 2009.