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Senegalese recipes,
recipes prepared by the Happy Chief Cook

  1. Avocado with Prawns
  2. Espresso "Dakar"
  3. Lamb Stew with Peanut Sauce



Avocado with Prawns. A dish from Senegal prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

This appetizer is truly amazing.
It may seem like a lot of work, but it is worthwhile to make it.

Merging avocado puree with chickpeas combined with prawns and garnish makes it an intriguing combination of flavorings which is unusual, yet delicious!

Preparation time : 20 to 25 minutes.
Serves: 4.


1 large ripe avocado,
2 tablespoons lemon juice,
2 tablespoons cream fraîshe,
200 grams of iceberg lettuce,
500 g chickpeas,
2 tomatoes,
1 large onion,
4 eggs (hard boiled),
1 small Spanish red pepper,
12 fresh peeled prawns,
8 sprigs parsley.


Boil the eggs hard and let them cool.

Cut the red pepper lengthwise into quarters and remove the seeds.
Cut the pepper into thin strips but leave it on the wide side to each other.
Place the red pepper strips in ice water.

Cut the avocado in half lengthwise through to at the kernel.
Unscrew the two halves against each other in a quarter turn and remove the pit.
Scoop the flesh from the peel and mash and rub it fine with a spoon.

Mix the mashed avocado with the lemon juice and cream fraîshe.

Distribute the iceberg lettuce on the plates.

Distribute the chickpeas on the iceberg lettuce and sprinkle a little salt over it.

Cover the chickpeas with the avocado puree.

Cut each vine tomato into 8 wedges.
Lay 4 wedges vine tomato on each plate along the edge.

Cut the eggs into slices, and arrange on each plate 1 egg.

Chop an onion very fine, and divide it over the tomatoes.

Bake the prawns in olive oil over medium heat until they are completely discolored.
Place 3 prawns on each plate on top of the avocado mixture.

Garnish the eggs with the red pepper.

Garnish the onions with sprigs of parsley.


Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook. Posted on February 23, 2012.