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South Africa

South African recipes,
recipes prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

  1. Bobotie
  2. Sosaties (Lamb with Apricots Skewer)
  3. Sweet Potato Soup
  4. Yellow Rice with Raisins



Sweet potato soup, a dish from South Africa prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

The sweet potato soup is fairly easy to prepare.
The soup is quite thick, sweet and spicy.

This sweet potato soup is a vegetarian dish.

Preparation time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Serves: 4.


2 large sweet potatoes (yam),
1 carrot,
4 tablespoons cream,
1 centimeter fresh ginger,
100 grams cashew nuts,
1 onion,
1 Solo clove garlic,
2 herbs bouillon cubes,
1 liter of water,
2 tablespoons flour,
cayenne pepper to taste,
1 heaped teaspoon five-spice powder,
2 tablespoons sunflower oil,
salt to taste,
4-season pepper to taste.


fresh parsley.


Peel the onion and cut the onion into 8 pieces.

Peel the ginger and chop finely.

Cut the root end of the solo clove garlic, and then in half.
Then remove the hard skins.
Chop the solo clove garlic finely.

Wash the carrot and cut it into pieces.

Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them in pieces.


Heat the sunflower oil in a pan with a thick bottom and let the ginger, garlic, onion and carrot on a low heat in five minutes to soften.

Sprinkle the flour through and stir well.
Let it simmer for a few minutes, stirring it constantly.

Crumble the herbs bouillon cubes and stir it through the fried vegetables.
Add 1 liter of hot water.

Add the pieces of sweet potato to the pan.
Boil the sweet potatoes in 40 minutes time, soft and tender.

Puree the soup with hand blender or puree it in a food processor.

If the sweet potato soup is too thick, then you can add a splash of water.

Season the soup to taste with salt, 4-season pepper, cayenne pepper and a heaped teaspoon 5 spice powder.
The soup should be taste, sweet and spicy at the same time.


Divide the cashew nuts over the plates.
Ladle the soup into the plates and pour 1 tablespoon cream in the soup.
Sprinkle some chopped parsley over it.


Recipe from ‘Prickly pears and pomegranates’.

Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook, Posted on June 3, 2011.