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Banana in Coconut Cream, a dessert from Thailand prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

A simple vegan dessert to prepare.
The banana in coconut cream is sweet and creamy, a delicious dessert which helps to extinguish any after burn.

Preparation time : approximately 10 minutes.
Serves: 4.


0.4 liters coconut milk,
4 just ripe bananas,
4 tablespoons sugar cane,
0.5 teaspoon salt.


Peel the bananas and cut each banana into 4 diagonal slices.

Place a saucepan over low heat, and let the cane sugar dissolve in the coconut milk.

Bring it to a boil, and add the salt and banana pieces.

Let it 5 minutes over low to medium heat simmer until the bananas are soft.

Remove the pan from the heat and divide the bananas over the small bowls with the coconut cream.

Serve warm.


Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook, Posted on April 5, 2011.