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Vietnamese recipes,
recipes prepared by the Hapy Chief Cook.

  1. Coconut Custard
  2. Fried Rice with Prawns
  3. Glowing Spare Ribs



Glowing Spare Ribs prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

These ribs are mildly spicy hot.
If you like extra spicy, you can add an extra teaspoon cayenne pepper.

For the dark soy sauce, I have used a very thick soy sauce, which is also great for marinating all kind of meat.

Preparation time: about 65 minutes.
Serves (as main course) 2, (as a side dish) 4.


500 grams of pork ribs or beef,
8 dried Chinese mushrooms,
2 spring onions,
1 green bell pepper,
1 red chilli,
0.5 teaspoon salt,
0.5 teaspoon sugar cane,
1 to 2 teaspoons dark soy sauce,
75 milliliters of water,
2 tablespoons rice oil,
sprigs of fresh mint.

Ingredients Marinade:

0.5 teaspoon salt,
0.5 tablespoon rice wine
1 tablespoon light soy sauce,
2 teaspoons cornstarch,
1 to 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper.

Sauce Ingredients:

0.5 teaspoon cornstarch,
1 teaspoon sesame oil,
4-season pepper,
1.5 tablespoon fish sauce (Nam Pla "or" Nuoc Mam ").


Soak the dried Chinese mushrooms in hot water for 40 minutes.
Then remove the hats steal and cut into strips.

Then mix the ingredients for the marinade together.

Cut the spare ribs into pieces and marinate at least 30 minutes.

Cut the spring onions into pieces of 1.5 inches.
Remove the seed of the green bell pepper and cut it into small pieces.
Remove the seeds of the red chilli and slice into thin strips.

Put a serving dish in the oven to heat it.


Bake the ribs in the rice oil until browned (about 5 minutes).

Add the spring onions and Chinese mushrooms.
Fry the spring onions and Chinese mushrooms for 2 minutes along.

Add the salt, cane sugar, dark soy sauce and water and stir-fry 2 to 3 minutes.

Then add the green bell pepper, red chilli and other ingredients of the sauce.
Stir well and stir just until the green pepper begins to lose its crispness.

Serve the spare ribs on a warmed serving dish.
Garnish the dish with mint sprigs.

Serve with white rice separately added.


Prepared by the Chief Cook Happy, posted on March 2, 2011.